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Phelps and other gold medal winners

Can Two Athletes Share a Gold Medal at the Olympics?

Fernando Frazão/Agência Brasil / Wikipedia.org One common aspect of sporting competitions is that they tend to produce one outright winner. No matter what the league.. Keep Reading >>>
Town planning

Weirdest Olympic Sports: Pistol Duelling, Ski Ballet & Even Town Planning Were Once at the Olympics

Believe it or not, 'Town Planning' was an Olympic sport from 1928-1948! For many athletes, the Olympics is the ultimate competition one can participate in,.. Keep Reading >>>
Paris Olympics 2024

What New Sports are Being Added to the 2024 Olympics?

BreizhAtao / Bigstockphoto.com The delayed 2020 Olympics in Tokyo are now behind us and, of course, there are now just three years until the next.. Keep Reading >>>
Japan Olympics 2021

Will the Olympics Still Take Place in 2021?

fifg / Bigstockphoto.com The 2020 Tokyo Olympics fell victim to the terrible events that unfolded around the world that year and continue to trouble almost.. Keep Reading >>>